Deacon Ministry


Deacon Ministry at Woodburn Baptist Church

The Deacons and Yokefellows play an important role in the ministry and care of our church family. We
know that each deacon and yokefellow has different talents and strengths, for that reason we are
utilizing the “Gift Based Deacon Ministry” to minister to our congregation. Each deacon/yokefellow
has taken a spiritual gifts assessment which helps us to know which ministry areas we are best suited to
serve in.
We want to come alongside you in times of celebration following major achievements and milestones.
We would like to be present in times of health issues, crises in your life, or when physical needs are
evident. Through the dedicated efforts of the deacon body, the spiritual gifts assessment, and training
our deacons are prepared to serve the congregation of Woodburn Baptist Church.
Please allow us the opportunity to serve you and to assist you with any need or concern you might have.
Whenever you have a need or desire a deacon/yokefellow to visit you, please contact the church office
at (270) 529-5221 or leave a message on our web site at Our goal is to
contact you as soon as possible and to serve you as effectively as we can.