Deacon Family Ministry

Deacons and Yokefellows play an important role in the life of Woodburn Baptist Church.  Originally, the early church proposed to have Deacons to free the Apostles (today’s pastors) to prepare to minister the word.

The word “Deacon” translates a word that means “a table waiter; a domestic servant; one who attends to the Servanthood Church Bulletin Coverneeds of others.” The word literally means “to kick up dust.” It is the image of a servant working so hard and moving so fast that he leaves a cloud of dust in his wake.

Can you imagine what a church would be like if: 

  • There was no one to care for the widows?
  • There’s no one to serve the elements during communion?
  • The pastor was the only one to visit the sick in the hospital?
  • The pastor  was the only one to visit those enduring hard times such as job loss, divorce, family disagreements, etc.?
  • The pastor was  the only one expected to go to funeral homes encouraging their grieving members?

When and how would the pastor have time to prepare messages for church services, plan for future church growth, counsel those in tough times, not to mention having some time to themselves and spending time with family?

This is where the deacon body must step in and assist.  The deacon body is responsible for caring “for the flock.”  It is the responsibility for these men to visit the sick, care for the widows, visit hospitals and nursing homes and, in general, care for the members of a congregation.  As mentioned earlier, these men are SERVANTS.  They should have “dirty feet” from where they have becomes arms of the pastor and an extension of the hand of God.

As such, the body of members at Woodburn Baptist Church are divided among the Deacons and Yokefellows in such a way that these men become the feet, arms, ears, and fingers of Jesus Christ to reach out to serve others.