Our Town, About Woodburn

Woodburn is a small town in the southern part of Warren County, Kentucky, right off of 31-W. The population at the 2010 census was 355. The town is compact, only covering 256 acres or .44 square miles. Incorporated in 1866, Woodburn is governed by a mayor and 4 council members.

Woodburn is located in one of Warren County’s most fertile agricultural areas and is rich in history. The city once boasted a railroad depot, hotel, stockyard, bank, doctor’s offices, feed store, funeral parlor, a women’s college, and other businesses. We currently have four churches. Woodburn is a great community and is growing along with the surrounding areas around South Warren High School and the development taking place around it.

The link below is from the Warren county government website and shows some pictures of Woodburn’s history including a picture of the old Woodburn Baptist Church across the street from our current location along with moments captured throughout Warren County. Look for pictures 1-17  through 2-7 to see pictures of the Woodburn community.