JAM City Jr. & JAM City Kids believe that what happens
at home is far more important than what happens at church. 
This is why we strive to provide children with a safe and fun environment to ensure 
we are using the time we have wisely. We know babies, toddlers, and kids are
changing at a quick pace, exploring their evolving world, and discovering
new things quicker than ever. In JAM City Jr. & JAM City Kids we want to partner
with families as children explore God and discover what it means to have a relationship
with Him. We do this through interactive services, engaging small groups,
and a variety of events throughout the year. 
Due to recent conditions concerning COVID-19 we have decided to make content available for families in digital form. We would love for you to join us in your home and experience a portion what our kids get to experience each week at JAM City Jr. and JAM City Kids. If you have any questions or needs contact us!