The Triple 2 Challenge

You become a Christian by accepting Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. To make Jesus your Lord means that you surrender control of your life to him. You make a commitment of your life to him, to serve and love him with all your heart, mind, and strength. Your Christian life begins with total commitment. And that’s how it continues.

All your commitments are demonstrated by your actions and habits. More than what you say, what you do reveals what’s important to you. Want to look at the strength of your everyday commitment to Christ? Look at your actions, your regular routine.

That’s why at Woodburn Baptist Church, we encourage members to accept the Triple 2 Challenge. It’s a commitment to examine each week’s routine in light of the highest priority—to love and serve God. The challenge is simple. We all aim to spend at least 2 hours every week actively worshiping God, usually at one of the church’s 3 weekly worship gatherings. We also strive to spend 2 hours a week in personal Bible study. For most of us, the first hour is fulfilled in a Sunday morning Bible study group; then we try to spend another hour in the Bible privately over the course of the week. We devote the other two hours of the weekly challenge in service to others, doing something good for a neighbor in Jesus’ name. Our church’s purpose statement says that we serve God “through worship, teaching, and everyday acts of service.” The Triple 2 Challenge is our way of keeping this purpose and our priorities in place. It gives individuals a way to aim for and measure a weekly commitment to loving and serving Christ.

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