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Few parts of church world have undergone as much transition as music. Thirty years ago Baptist churches sang from hymnals with piano and organ. All churches knew the same music. And there were few people involved in any way but choir. Some places had handbells. Very few places had orchestras.

It’s a new day.

At WBC we still have a choir. And it rocks! We still use a beautiful piano. We still hear organ sounds, but from a synthesizer. And we have guitars of all kinds, drums, and other instruments. We not only have our heads up to sing from screens, we create original video content for those screens. We create environments using color, light, texture, sound, etc. We have worship in multiple venues and for multiple age groups. We find ways to unleash the drama that is inherent in the story of Jesus. And we work tirelessly to discover ways to connect hearts with one another and with the heart of God. And we have a blast doing all of that!

So if you are interested in using any artistic gift you have, contact Rod Ellis, our Worship Pastor. He would love to turn you loose in our worship ministry!



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